I like the trees 
I like the early mornings
Summer nights with no worries
I like the wind
I like the cold air
The way it ruffles my hair

I walk your ground
I hear your sounds
I feel you all around me
You carry us
You give us home
Without you, we couldn't be

You bring me joy and peace of mind
While we are pushing you over the edge
Oh earth, you're ever so kind

So forgive us for the marks we make
The scars we leave upon you
I know that you will heal in the end
But never will we forget you

The paths we walked
The dreams you gave
The life you brought to us
We can never return 
We can never repay
But we will always look up to the stars and think
Oh earth, what a world to be living in
Nåt lite annorlunda. Ihopknåpad på två timmar, dikten skrev jag för några dagar sedan. Inspirerad av Marzias video (missade för övrigt volymen i ett av klippen och det stör mig otroligt men jaja)

Kom ihÂg mig?
Hanna. 20 år.
Au Pair i Toulouse för tillfället.