Sociala nätverk gör oss mindre sociala

Här kommer ett inlägg som i princip är snott från, hoppas ni inte har något emot engelskan. Tyckte bara det var för bra för att redigera eftersom den beskriver exakt det jag själv upplever av dagens skärmanvändning och sociala nätverk (texten är dock inte från själva inlägget, utan en kommentar.)

It's an interesting enigma that we're the most connected generation in history and at the same time one of the most disconnected. Never before has it been so easy to communicate and connect with other people, and yet our generation is full of isolated individuals.

For many, social media is a means of escape, a way to transcend the places and people we are surrounded from in real life and have the opportunity to connect with like minded people around the world. It's also a means for escape from having to interact with people in real life. Instead of spending the time and effort investing in real life interaction, one can receive instant gratification by passively checking facebook and twitter notifications. I for one know I've retreated into the apps on my phone during awkward elevator rides.

So, I guess what I'm wondering is would people still be as tied to their laptops and phones if they were surrounded by the other like minded people they communicate with around the world (instead of the community they were born into that perhaps do not share their interests), or would we still hide behind our phones even then because we've lost the art of real life connection and conversation with strangers? Many people including myself have made close friends with people from different countries through the jacksgap community. We're a really close community, but sometimes I wonder if we'd still be as close if we all knew each other in real life or if we'd still need another community to escape real life.

The internet and social media has so much potential and opportunity to revolutionize the our ability to connect, converse, and create as a species. But opportunity works both ways: the opportunity to progress, or regress. I'm not really sure what the solution to the problem is, but this video definitely impacted the way I view social media, so thanks for sharing (this was meant to be a lot shorter comment, so sorry for making an essay out of it.. :)

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